30 March 2009

Fast Forward Five Days

I keep meaning to post but then it keeps turning out to be 10:30 and I should be in bed. But this one's good!

This is a drawing Anna did recently about camping. They learned all about camping that week at school - getting to nap in a tent in the room, making s'mores and more. I thought this drawing was pretty detailed compared to some of the others posted on the wall. Apparently there are special cars for camping. It looks more like a car with a rocket to me. Is this supposed to be a pop up camper? not sure.

Tonight at dinner Anna said something like "Mommy you are fabulous. You are funny and famous which means you are fabulous. Now say thank you." I'm not doing this quote justice but it was 4 hours ago and my brain isn't working very well by now.

The Kindergarten Round up meeting (am I the only one that pictures 5 year olds in cowboy hats being herded by someone swinging a lasso overhead everytime I hear this? seriously where does this name come from?) at the daycare last week consisted of me hearing a bunch of horror stories from parents who already have kids in the public school system. I'm still going to give it a shot - after all, it's free and I went to public school and I turned out ok, right? Ok, bad example. The daycare owner even said that they don't let kindergarteners checkout books with words from the library because they aren't supposed to be able to read. I don't know if this is true but I guess we'll find out.

Anyway - first I have to go on Thursday morning to prove I live near the appropriate elementary school and make an appointment to have her GLE (General Learning Exam) done. During that they take her away and test her on a bunch of stuff and then bring me back in and tell me how she scores. From what I can tell it doesn't really make a difference if they score high or low, everyone gets the same lessons in the kindergarten classroom. Did you know kindergarten isn't even required in the state of missouri?


Exercising does not make you feel better or have more energy or even make you lose any weight. These are my conclusions after working out for two weeks. I'm sticking with it to see if there is some sort of "hump" you have to power through - like smokers who are trying to quit. I also went back to the daily turkey sandwich for lunch starting today because that was the week I seemed to have lost 2 pounds. Would you believe I RAN 12 miles last week and didn't lose a pound!? wtf? ok well I did drink some rum and diets watching the bb games but still!


3 days till BRITNEY!!!!


Carolyn said...

Hey--I seem to lose more weight when I don't exercise! Now I am trying my Wii fit and see how that works.

Let me know how things go with Anna! I'm thinking about holding Jack back a year because of when his birthday falls! I'm a teacher and still bothered by the kindergarten roundup!

Stephanie said...

Jan and I have been doing p90x for almost 3 week. Its super intense and only 90 days but I am already seeing results in my body! its on beachbody.com you and candy can do it together and believe me one is a lonely number on this:)