16 March 2009

This morning I'm with Carter in the bathroom...

This morning I'm with Carter in the bathroom and he's trying to pee and I'm pointing his wee wee into the toilet so it doesn't spray everywhere (like usual) and he's carrying on a conversation with me. Awkward it itself, I never know if I'm supposed to look at him or not look at him while he concentrating on peeing. But today he wasn't thinking much about peeing...

"Mommy go bye bye?"
"Yep, mommy's going to work today."
"Mommy go bye bye?"
"Yep, I'm going to work."
"Mommy go meeting?"

Nice. I think it's a bad sign when even your 2 year old knows you have too many meetings. lol.

On Sunday I took the kids to get new sandals at the Stride Rite outlet. It was a bad Carter day. Bad potty training, he never took a nap, poop on the wall. Not only did he poop in his bed (which already didn't have any sheets because he'd peed those) but he also peed in Anna's bed. Needless to say everyone now has clean sheets and I got to do some extra laundry. I'll stop there.

No exercise on Sunday. This morning I went to Candi's and we walked for 30 min. It is really dark at 6 am. That's my superior insight for this blog post.

Yesterday I ate
2 cups coffee with cream
turkey sandwich with mayo and cheese on whole wheat
large iced tea
1 bite of kids' cheese quesadilla
2 pieces lasagna
large salad with ranch
1 apple smirnoff ice

Today I ate
1/2 bottle orange G2
2 cups coffee with cream
mixed fruit - pineapple, strawberries, grapes, canteloupe
string cheese
2 pieces lasagna
diet dr pepper
half bag of microwave popcorn
salmon, broccoli and carrot mix, um lots of new potatoes with a sour cream and dill dip I made
smirnoff ice

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