15 March 2009

6 for 6

6 for 6 on days and exercising. Today I slept in and may take the day off, although if it warms up enough I might take the kids for a walk outside.

Already have my meal planning done for the week. Very excited - this is a 3 day week for me. Thursday Candi and I are taking our annual (this is the second year) trip to the Outlet mall. We scored some great deals this time last year on winter stuff plus got some great stuff for spring. Especially at the Jcrew outlet. The boys are off to watch all the bb games. Speaking of - YAY TIGERS!

Might head out to the outlet mall in KC today to get the kids sandals but not sure yet, it's quite a trek across town.

I would also like to sort through these bags and boxes of extra clothes someone gave me over the Christmas holiday and get those out of the hallway.

AND I'm getting motivated to paint the kitchen. I'd like to make it look like a Starbucks. I've even considered taking a bazillion paint swatches to various Starbucks to get the right colors. Usually they have each wall painted a different color and I think I will do this in the kitchen. I'm trying to find fabric to use for new kitchen chair pads and as a valance above the window. Having a hard time finding anything cute that isn't pink and will work with my "earthy" tones to resemble a starbucks. Maybe this one. Who could I go to to make the chair pads? I was thinking of asking someone on etsy.

My mom and I took the kids to a St. Patty's day parade yesterday then I took them to the park to play. Even though we put on sunscreen I think Carter and I got a little pink in the face. Kevin and I watched the worst movie last night - Drillbit Taylor with Owen Wilson. Just awful.

Friday walked 7 min, ran 20 min, walked 3 min on treadmill
Friday I ate not that great
Venti non fat light whip white mocha
Grilled chicken wrap with tomatoes, lettuce, parmesan cheese and ranch
1 small individual bag of jalepeno krunchers chips
diet dr pepper
sugar free red bull
3 chicken fajitas from On The Border with cheese, sour cream and guac. + chips and salsa and few bites of the rice and refried beans
diet coke

Saturday walked 4 min, ran 25 min, walked 3 min
Saturday I ate so-so
1 can caribou espress coffee - these are great cause they're only 100 calories
jr deluxe burger from sonic
tator tots
2 cheddar bites
large diet dr pepper with vanilla
handful of cashews
1/2 diet coke
grilled bbq chicken (i took the skin off), noodles, cheesy broccoli
1/2 diet coke + rum

Very excited that it will be 80 on Tuesday! Hm, I should get a pedicure so I can wear flip flops.

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