09 March 2009

My Birthday Present is Coming Early

So because Candi and I were contemplated a workout plan that we could do together and I was contemplating joining the community center near us for their gym, Kevin broke down and told me this is what I'm getting for my birthday. I'm way excited and not the least bit offended. seriously!

It should be here this week. Until then I got up at 5:30 this morning and went over to Candi's since she has a mini home gym in the basement. We each did the elliptical and treadmill for 15 minutes each. I'm sure I'll be feeling that in the morning. The motor is broken on the elliptical so it was like doing it at the hardest setting. I chanted "bikini butt" in my head to keep going.

Tomorrow I think it's supposed to be warm in the morning. As long as it's not pouring down rain I'm planning to take a dog on a walk.

I'm not a morning person but I've come to the conclusion this really is the best time for me to try to fit this into my schedule. I've always wanted to be a morning person. Instead I made at home, took to work and drank 4 cups of coffee.

In order to get up this early I decided I needed my own alarm clock. Before we just used one on Kevin's side of the bed. I got an iHome for Xmas but we had been using it in the master bath to listen to music while I get ready. I moved it to my nightstand but the display light was so bright it kept waking us up.

I think at one point Kevin got up and threw some clothes over it but I wanted to make sure it was going to work since I'd never used the alarm part so I kept moving the clothes to check the time. Plus since it was daylight savings it felt like I got up at 4:30 am.

Today was one of the first days I've exercised in almost a year. ouch. sad.

The last part of "our deal" (me and Candi committing to stick to this together) is that we are emailing each other everything we eat that day. This will deter us from eating fast food for lunch (in her case) and milkshakes every night (in my case).

Here's what I ate and drank today
Bottle of water
Mixed fruit (strawberries, pineapple, cantaloupe, grapes)
4 cups coffee with cream
turkey sandwich w/cheese, little mayo on whole wheat bread
1 cup popcorn
coke zero
handful of cashews (while i cooked)
3 chicken & cashews lettuce wraps
smirnoff ice

Today's weight: 136

Tomorrow will be harder as we have a guest from out of town for work that we are taking out to lunch and dinner.

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mols said...

way to go girl! you are starting to inspire me. i have 2 weddings I'm in this year (my friend Januea, and Erin from college). Ugh. The first one is in less than 2 months - and in my hometown where I'll be seeing lots of old high school friends. thanks for sharing - proud of you!