11 October 2011

Our new deck!

Old deck gone. You can see the old patio and bricks they had.

Patio and bricks gone.
New patio.
Deck going up.
Arbor with end cuts
Ta da! We ate breakfast lunch and dinner on the new deck on Sunday with the beautiful weather we've been having!
We are still going to have the concrete stained and have some landscaping to do but other than that it is awesome!


Anthony said...

Wow it looks great! The newly built loft deck unquestionably adds to the beauty to your house. With the added spacious living space, it also serves as a functional part of the house, giving you additional room for engagements. So what are your plans for the landscape?

Anthony Blommel

Angelina Garcia said...

Cool! I love the effect of the arbor, like it’s filtering the light. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were excited to eat breakfast there for the first time. :D What color will you stain it, by the way? Will you go for a similar shade or contrasting paint? I think doing a contrast in color is interesting. ;]

Christian Renwick said...

Great job! Great job indeed! Who made the designs? This is an awesome deck. I think the design is really good. Are there any pictures of the finished deck with stains? I would be very interested to see how it all came out. By the way, always keep tabs on the posts and concrete footing since these are areas that are particularly prone to moisture.

Christian Renwick