21 June 2009

Worst Wedding Shower Gifts EVER

Yesterday Anna and my mom and I went to a wedding shower for my cousin. Worst wedding shower I have ever been to, speaking from my cousin's point of view, in my opinion. It was a "Pantry Shower" which I've never been to but they requested everyone bring items to stock her pantry. Seriously. bring food? I couldn't believe what people gave her. I took the notes of the gifts so believe me, I saw it all.

Bathroom shower spray cleaner
Laundry detergent
Lemon ammonia
and on and on.

Seriously, you think a bride wants cleaning supplies for her shower? What planet are you from? Especially when her registry was still very unfulfilled.

I took a set of 5 nesting bowls from Crate and Barrel plus a recipe book for 500 cupcakes. Then we added a bag with a muffin tin, and the ingredients to make the cupcakes - self rising flower, super fine sugar, real vanilla, confectioners sugar, and pink sprinkles, etc. But I still would have rather gotten more kitchen items than food and I only bought the food because I felt the need to comply with the theme.

The best gift was a dutch oven calphalon pan from her future mother in law. But that was in another league from the other stuff she got. Amazing and ridiculous.


Today I took the kids to the new pool in Lee's Summit complete with slides, lazy river and kiddie area to wear the kids out. We met Candi and Alex and everyone had a great time. Carter was scared to death of the inner tube for the lazy river - of all things. Until Candi took Anna and Alex and then of course he wanted to go and had a great time. He did the blue slides over and over and over again and Anna did the red slide over and over and over. Carter did the red slide twice but it was one of those enclosed slides and a lot more water at the end, plus a lot more water getting to it, so twice was enough for him. Anna was like a fish the entire time!

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RunToFinish said...

wait doesn't the tiffany style coca cola phone we got rank up there somewhere?