03 May 2010

Vacation - Friday - The Oaks

Day two of vacation was The Oaks - or as I like to call it: The Day Before the Derby. The weather was gorgeous. If only I hadn't been recovering from the stomach flu. I was dehydrated but afraid to drink too much water. Everyone else got drunk. At one point I tried to go to first aid because I thought I was going to pass out and Candi said I was really pale, but we couldn't get the elevator to come so we just went back to our seats.

After I ate a cookie around 1 pm I felt much better.

I was then approached by a local TV reporter to be interviewed about my shoes.
"Who are you wearing?"
- "Carlos Santana."

"Where did you get them?"
- "Zappos.com"

and a few other small details.

I now feel MUCH better :)

Shortly after that Candi sees an elderly woman start to pass out. Kevin go help her I'm saying. He and Sam went over and got her laid down until the paramedics came. That was kind of crazy.

We all keep laughing at the girls in the section above us who are standing next to the railing not realizing we can all see up their dresses and all their glory.

At almost the end of the afternoon Candi feels something wet and we realize one of these girls has just puked beer over the side of the railing and mostly all over the people in the box next to us.

So gross.

That night we were invited to another party at one of Stephanie's friends' house. I eat my first meal in 24 hours. On the way back to the hotel Candi and I stop at a gas station and I buy Tums, Pepto tablets, PowerAde and gum.

It's Friday and I finally get my first mostly full night's sleep since Monday. I was exhausted.

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