03 May 2010

Vacation - Wednesday and Thursday

Original plans: Leave Wednesday morning at 8 am. Arrive in Louisville around 3 pm.

I stayed up on Tuesday night till 1:30 am working to get things caught up before leaving for the rest of the week. Around 2:00 am Carter came down and asked to watch cartoons. It's the middle of the night Carter, let's go back to bed. 2:30 am Kevin puts his arm around me and asks why there is a child in our bed. I don't really care, I've had 15 minutes of sleep and am "out."

About that time we hear coughing and I feel something wet and lift Carter up as he pukes all over our bed. I ended up being up with him for the next three hours and then falling asleep for a very short while.

6:30 am change of plans for vacation. We stayed at home until my mom could come over around 4 pm. I took a 1.5 hour nap in the afternoon. She stayed with the kids until Kevin's mom arrived around 7 pm. We arrived in Louisville at 2 am got to bed around 3 am. Got up at 6:45 am. After hotel coffee and a McD's mocha I was able to speak. I have now had less than 7 hours of sleep in two nights.

We went to the Maker's Mark distillery that morning.

I had more coffee. The boys dipped their own bottles.

We got to try the new 46 bourbon.

We took the tour and the guide told us about 46 and that it doesn't even exist on site. We all felt very special and knew he was lying.

We ate lunch and had margaritas at a Mexican restaurant and did some shopping in the Bardstown area.

We had some more drinks back at the Mexican restaurant.

We had a delicious dinner and dessert out that night. Drinks back at the hotel and then to bed.

2 am I wake up sick. On the toilet with the trash can in my lap kind of sick. I have what Carter had. I'm up every hour until we have to wake up at what seemed like an ungodly hour to me at this point. At this point I decide I am not going to throw up anymore and don't have to go to the bathroom more than once an hour so I can probably go to The Oaks.

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