26 April 2010

A Week in the Life - Sunday

Sunday. Ahhh Sunday. My only day to sleep in all week. Oh how I love Sunday.

Sunday is also the day I do meal planning and go grocery shopping. Like clockwork I am usually at the grocery store just before lunch every Sunday.

Today we also happened to have tickets to the Royals game. We have a partial season ticket package of 20 games. It was a little cool today.

The kids entertained themselves by shelling and eating peanuts.

We left early to go to Alex's birthday party. He is turning three.

He had insisted on a blue cake with scooby doo and a spider.

My kids quickly found the noise makers.

Afterwards we came home and I put away some more laundry and gave the kids baths before dinner since we were full of cake.

Then I made tacos. Sunday is mexican night whether it be tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, etc. we always have mexican with my homemade guacamole. Carter threw a fit and spent about 20 minutes in timeout while I did the dishes.

I packed Anna's lunch for Monday and got the backpacks ready. Carter's with a sheet and blanket, Anna's with her signed agenda and emptied and signed folder. Her agenda said that her teacher is letting her borrow a chapter book at school.


I forgot to write on Saturday when my parents met me at the mall to drop off the kids my dad said he had bought some flash cards with words for Anna that were labeled 5 and up. She got them all right the first time through. He decided he needed to buy some harder words, lol.

I also forgot to write on Thursday that when Carter was throwing a fit while the air conditioning repair man was at our house he was fighting with me about going potty. He said he needed to go but wouldn't pull down his pants and was just standing in front of the toilet in the upstairs bathroom. So I pulled his pants down and he peed all over me. Not sure how I forgot to write about that. He got his bare bottom spanked and I left him upstairs. He got new underwear and pants and seemed over it after that. I think that's when I did a load of laundry and took a nap.


All in all I think I successfully documented my week. It seemed a little NOT like my usual week in that I didn't work in the evening at all (something I have been trying to be better at lately - leave work at work). So in past weeks I spent most of my time on the couch watching tv and working from 8-10 at night, but not last week. I realized it allowed me to keep up better with dishes and laundry.

It also seemed NOT like a regular week in that I didn't go to the Starbucks drive through at all. But I did go to a local coffee shop drive through twice so I think it's evident I'm addicted to good mochas.

I did not really take any videos like I had planned, but I have taken a lot of others lately so I'm okay with that.

I'm not sure when I'll get to putting this into a scrapbook, but hopefully in the next few weeks! I have a few other items to put onto the blog from before A Week in the Life including Anna's birthday. Hopefully I will get to those tomorrow.

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