19 April 2010

A Week In the Life - Monday

I got up at 6:30, moved a load of laundry to the dryer so I would have jeans to wear and then showered and got mostly ready. At 7:15 I went up to wake the kids.

Neither of my kids are morning people but on this Monday morning I was fortunate enough that neither one threw a fit.

The kids are reallllllyyyy into pancakes for breakfast. Or should I say sometimes they have pancakes with their syrup.

Carter: "Are dogs allergic to pancakes?"
Me: "No"
I get a really good laugh out of this. A good way to start my day.

While they eat I make Anna's lunch and write a note.

They are out the door. Kevin does drop off at daycare.

Make my lunch.

Off to work.

On my way to work the road is closed and I'm forced to take a detour. Takes a little longer. Arrive just before 9:00 am.

No meetings today. Still playing catch-up from being on vacation a week ago.

Leave at 5:15. 10 minutes into my commute I realize it doesn't look good. I exit and take an alternate route home and arrive at the daycare right at 6:00 pm. Kind of a crappy traffic day.

The best part of my day. When the kids RUN to see me when I pick them up.

Get home. Anna immediately feeds her Baby Alive doll. I make dinner. Hubby says it's a keeper.

Anna writes thank you notes for the birthday gifts she received this weekend.

Begin the day with laundry. End the day with laundry. It follows me everywhere. Last night Anna was my helper. Tonight it's Carter. He's good at bringing me empty hangers from the closet.

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