12 April 2010

Home from Vegas

We are home from a long weekend in Vegas and a long week for that matter. I have a lot of pictures and videos to get posted from Easter, Vacation and Anna's Birthday so you can expect lots of blogging updates this week. Will be good practice for A Week In The Life which is also coming up.

Tonight Carter did not want to go to bed. When this happens I just put up the baby gate so he stays in his room. Once he stays in his bed (aka falls asleep) I take it down. The daycare owner taught me this strategy and it seems to work.

Well after I took down the gate I didn't find my little boy in bed. Check behind the rocking chair. Nothing. I looked in the closet to find him here. He had been playing with all of the "under 12 months" toys I have in a storage container there. His head was on a tiny stuffed puppy he has been sleeping with. So cute.

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