18 April 2010

A Week In The Life Project Starts Tomorrow

Getting really excited about this after reading Ali's template plan today.

I will be at Target today and picking up a few things. I may follow her layout plan to keep things simple and download her template tabs.

I will likely be capturing all of my photos and journaling in the blog here. I'm planning to incorporate some videos for the online part - I enjoy capturing their little voices! I will then be assembling the album over the following two weeks and take photos and post the layouts when they are complete.

(here's a link to the album I did from 2008)

Leave a comment if you're planning to do this as well, or even if you plan to just follow along.

1 comment:

Susan said...

I'm in! I did this in 2008 after I saw you do it and really liked it. I'll be posting the results on my new blog here: http://artactually.wordpress.com/