21 April 2010

A Week in the Life - Wednesday

Alarm: 6:10. Up: 6:35. While I am in the shower Carter comes in and says he wants to watch cartoons. Then decides he needs to take his pull up off and put underwear on. While we are upstairs doing this Anna gets up. Carter puts his pajamas back on over his underwear instead of putting on the clothes I picked out. Whatever. They go downstairs and watch TV while I get ready.

They eat pancakes and head off to school. 8:00 am I head to a class on Hiring and Interviewing to learn some tips for hiring new associates at my job. One of my associates texts me that her baby is sick and she won't be in. Okay. 8:25 am Before I get to the class I get some Hazlenut coffee from Panera. 8:30 class. I don't learn anything new at the class.

10:30 am. Check email on iPhone. Realize there is a fire to put out at work already. Head to work. Get text from my brother who wants to go to lunch with Anna some time in the next week. I call him and chat about what day would work better. He says I have too much personal information on my blog. But it's cool he says.

Work was full of unanticipated problems or issues or opportunities or whatever you want to call them. It leads me to need two of these when I get home.

I didn't take any pictures during the day. In fact I didn't take any pictures until after dinner. I made a new stir fry recipe. I wouldn't make it again. It just leaves me with this mess.

After dinner I do more laundry.

Always with the laundry...

laundry to sort

laundry to put away

laundry to wash

laundry in the wash

The best thing about today is that is was a Merry Maids day. So I come home to a clean house. The only times all month the beds are made.

(note more clean laundry to sort)

Carter gets into the picture-taking and we find his camera that Santa brought for Christmas so he can snap some shots. He takes one of Kevin "Gotcha!" He takes one of me "That's a keeper!" He has me cracking up.

Then I find him flossing his own teeth.

Yes, you can count 7 toothbrushes in this picture. Why do we have 7 when we only have 2 kids? What can I say. We are REALLY passionate about brushing our teeth with all the cavities and crowns they have had.

Where are Kevin and the dogs in all of this? Their usual spots.

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Susan said...

Yes, always with the laundry. It follows me as well. I would pay good money to have someone do this for me. In an effort to reduce the loads, I've gone to putting Cameron in the t shirt he'll wear at school the next day after his bath at night instead of pjs. It also makes for a quicker morning getting him dressed. Since he doesn't wear pajamas anyway, this works.

Oh, and it's amazing the amount of work us working moms have in front of us at the end of a hectic day at a demanding job. Wouldn't it be nice to just be able to chill out on the couch and let someone else do all of it? :)