20 April 2010

A Week in the Life - Tuesday

Tuesday is an early day. My alarm went off at 4:40 am. Candi arrives around 5 am and we run.

I take Tassie. She is a little crazy. Ok a lot crazy. In this picture I am laughing because she is hysterically jumping and grabbing the leash in her mouth. She is ready to go - what are we waiting for? She likes to carry the leash in her mouth. I really think she is trying to walk me and pull me along.

Candi remembered her Nike watch today which allowed us to track how long the route is I've been running the most. It is 5.5 miles which is just a little less than I thought it might be but that's ok. When we finished it was actually light outside. This is the first time all year this has happened and it was so nice.

I get back around 6:20. Chug some Powerade Zero. I think I'm addicted. Then shower. The kids are up at 6:50 on their own today. I turn on cartoons. They watch Martha Speaks and Curious George when they get up this early.

Notice they are in matching "pajamas." They think it's cool to wear the same jammies on the same night. I need to find some real pajamas (not kids running shirts from toddler trots at 5K races) that are matching.

Today they ate yogurt. Anna decided to buy her lunch. I forgot to write that on Monday when I picked her up she immediately told me she had lost her lunch box. Luckily it had her name on it so I figured it would turn up today. She was pretty concerned. Oh, to be six again and have these as my worries. Well she decided to buy her lunch since she didn't have a lunch box. She told me she was hot in her long sleeves yesterday but she wanted me to pick out her clothes so I picked capris and a short sleeved shirt.

7:45 and they're out the door. I don't have to pack my lunch today because I am taking my two newest hires out to eat. For this reason I plan to skip Starbucks again (another addiction) and I take a double shot light and a banana which I eat and drink on the way to work.

I have hired about ten associates in the last year. My two newest started last week. Today we all went to lunch at Houlihan's with one of my other associates, Andrea. I love their Heartland Grilled Chicken Salad.

On the way out we see a goose on a nest in the middle of an island in the parking lot! Random.

I get out of work a little late - 5:25 and decide to try an old route back home that I haven't taken in awhile. It was under construction but now that's over and after yesterday's traffic I decide maybe it's time for a new (or old) route. I arrive at daycare 5 minutes late.

Carter runs out of the daycare to give me a picture he made me. Anna had left her lunch box on the school bus and she got it back. We get home and they run outside to play while I make dinner.

I added chicken to the recipe. I'm trying some new healthier recipes this week. It turns out ok but I almost forgot about the chicken so we didn't eat till 7:00 pm. The kids eat some Easter candy afterwards and then they go pick up their rooms while I do the dishes. Kevin dries.

Then they come downstairs and we pick up all the toys in the "dining" room. Tomorrow is Merry Maids day so we pick most things up off the floor so they can clean the floor. Trust me, the house is still a disaster everywhere else.

By now I'm running a little behind. It's 8:00 pm and I realize it's Tuesday. It's bath night. Bath schedule is Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday. Although in the summer we have to do almost every night (this is really a pain).

Carter gets the Mickey Mouse towel and Anna gets the elephant towel (and pretends to be an elephant). Carter picks the zipper pajamas (me: won't you be hot? carter: no) and gets dress ALL BY HIMSELF. Anna gets her pajamas on and comes over. Carter: Anna, I have the zipper pajamas. Anna: I don't want to wear those, they make me too hot in the spring and summer. Carter doesn't care.

Floss and brush and rinse teeth. Books. Anna reads me an entire book called A Snowy Day. I haven't read this one before and she's cute asking me what I think will happen as she goes through it. (he puts a snowball in his pocket and goes inside).

I go through Anna's back pack and find this which I think is cute.

Blog. Bed.

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