24 April 2010

A Week in the Life - Friday

I have about 15 minutes of peace in the house in the morning between when the kids leave with Kevin and when I leave for work. Sonar settles in for his nap.

Part of my morning routine before I leave to keep Sonar from causing trouble (and peeing) upstairs when he wakes up from his nap.

I stop at the dry cleaners on the way to work to drop of Kevin's shirts so we can get them back on Monday next week. They pick up and drop off at our office so I will take these home with me from work on Monday.

My first meeting is at my "office" at Starbucks by our building. Because I do not have a door I have any semi-private meetings here. Today I am meeting with one of my Email Marketing Account Managers about her recent presentations with two clients.

My desk as I've known it for the last few months and for the last day.

I have a new associate starting on Monday who will sit at my desk. We are out of desks now and waiting for our new construction to be done upstairs in our additional space. This won't be for a few more weeks. I put all my stuff in boxes, clean out my desk and will work from another associate's office next week while he is on vacation. After that I'm not sure where I will sit. I am sort of a nomad until the new space is ready.

We usually spend our Friday and Saturday nights with our best friends Sam and Candi and their little boy Alex. On most Friday nights my parents keep the kids, as they do tonight. We go out to dinner at Ted's Montana Grill.

Sam and Candi have their little boy Alex with them tonight.

Afterwards we go back to Sam and Candi's since they have Alex so they can put him to bed. We have a drink and play spades. It's rather uneventful but I love our predictable weekends with our best friends.

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