23 May 2010

My Kids' Social Life

Apparently my kids have more of a social life than I do! We had three birthday invites for the weekend. One for Anna and two for Carter so I let him pick one between the two because I thought three in one weekend was too much.

Both had pinatas which are apparently made with super glue because we went through 25 kids at the first party before it was cracked and the kids never could bust it at the second party. And watch out! Once they break it's a free for all for the candy and these kids are serious about the candy.

The first party was for my friend Kim's boy Julian who turned six. It was a great pirate themed party.

The next day was a party for one of Carter's friends from daycare. It was a transformer themed party. Do you think a four year old really knows what transformers are? I don't think Carter has any idea.

Both were at parks so we got to enjoy the summer weather.

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Stephanie said...

Believe me Charlie knows what Transformers are, iron man, power rangers you name it, be prepared:)