30 May 2010

Jiggle Jam at Crown Center

Yesterday I took the kids to Jiggle Gam at Crown Center.

Jiggle Jam at Crown Center from Cara on Vimeo.

Jiggle Jam 2010 at Crown Center in Kansas City

Carter rode this "train"

Then he waited...

While Anna got her face painted.

Then they played in the fountains to cool off.

And Anna got to meet Cinderella.

Mission accomplished. It is so rare that either of my kids take a nap much less both of them that this was definitely camera worthy and I would highly recommend Jiggle Jam, ha!

They were rewarded for their good behavior with these pillow pets that they were selling at the festival. I had never heard of them but Anna had seen a commercial. She picked the dolphin and Carter picked the monkey. They put them to good use right away.

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Stephanie said...

Pillow pets r a hit with my kids! I need to go to jiggle Jam it looks awesome! Maybe next year!