03 May 2010

Vacation - Saturday - The Derby

Saturday. Derby Day. I'm feeling mostly better.

It's raining lightly. We take pictures under an overhang before we leave the hotel.

After just a few races and right after I take my poncho off it starts really raining. Ugh. Candi and I sit and get soaked. Really soaked. Where my hat was so wet it just dripped and dripped off the sides. So wet I didn't want to get up because my chair would get wet again and it was so crowded in the covered areas I was claustrophobic. I ask Kevin to get me a drink. He leaves and comes back three times without one. I start to get really grumpy. We contemplate getting a cab. Seriously.

Finally we get some drinks. Then there was an hour and half break before the Derby race. The boys take us up to the concessions and we each scarf down two hot dogs and a thing of nachos. I'm feeling better. We get more drinks.

We don't win.

We drink some more and go to a party where we are clearly much younger and much more intoxicated. We see their 15 year old sneaking beer and vodka. I try to teach him beer before liquor never been sicker but he's not interested.

We somehow accidentally get locked out on the deck and get the giggles even more.

We call it a night and get up at 6:30 to hit the road at 7 am. I sleep for the first four hours and then Kevin wakes me up to drive. Apparently I even slept through the thunderstorm and pounding rain that had him driving with the hazards on at 30 mph and other cars pulled over. I was really tired. Not a very restful vacation but really good times with really good friends and some really good memories.

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Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

how fun!! I am so jealous and you look awesome