03 December 2007

Manic Monday

If I had theme music today it would have been Cyndi Lauper's Manic Monday. It started around 12 am when Carter decided to start crying. After three 30 min increments where I thought I had him back to sleep and then trying the cry-himself-back-to-sleep idea, and give him Motrin idea and - damn we couldn't find the benadryl idea - which all didn't work last night, I got up and slept with him in the guest bedroom. He wanted to lay on my chest and listen to my heartbeat. Which was sweet but also not comfortable for me in any way. Finally he fell asleep and I rolled him over and slept next to him. For all of four hours.

I then had to take the kids to daycare because Kevin was really busy at work. I was doing well until I went to find a sheet for Carter and couldn't. I pulled last week's from the dirty clothes, smelled it and folded it and put it in his backpack. I then realized I had to wash bottles because we had used a few in the middle of the night trying to get him to go back to sleep and I didn't have enough clean ones to send to school. THEN I realized I am the mother who is supposed to bring the whole milk to his room this week. (the daycare uses 2% milk but the AAP recommends whole milk for brain development. a few of the moms are in agreement so we rotate who brings a gallon instead of each bringing a half gallon which ends up going half unused.) I ended up taking our 3/4 full gallon rather than stopping on the way. Now, if I could stop at the gas station by the daycare and leave the kids in the car I would have totally gotten this but because there are freakshows who steal cars with babies and I would have gotten reported and arrested I took our partially used gallon instead.

Carter had serious separation anxiety with me leaving him. I looked at one of the other moms and said "I'm having one of those mornings where I wonder why I'm working." "Yea I asked to go part time. This is really hard." Her kids are the same ages as mine. Then she said "I'm late. I'm always late." Ditto on that one. Blame it on the sheet-bottle-milk inconveniences today.

So I got in the car and started crying. I decided to go to McD's because it's free coffee day right? Apparently not since they charged me for it. Since I was teary I didn't want to argue about it.

The rest of the day got better as it went on. But it does make me think - is this really worth it? I mean, in the last few weeks I've completely forgotten to take Anna to dance and to go to her parent-teacher conference. And not even realized it until days afterwards. And this SATURDAY I have to give a 15 min. presentation for a client. So my mom has to come watch the kids and take Anna to dance for me. A Saturday presentation isn't really what I signed up for with two kids.

So bleh. manic monday.


Kim said...

I Love you sweetie!!!!! You are an amazing mother. I know exactly how you feel.

Kim said...

oh and didn't the Bangles sing Manic Monday????

Girly girl said...

Why did I think Cyndi Lauper sang this? You are right, totally the Bangles!

Heidi said...

I have no idea how you working mamas do it. I'd be dead.