03 December 2007

Weekend Update

So after two attempts at getting a scanner to work I resulted to buying a new one. Yea! It came and I got it hooked up and have been scanning the old photos from my grandparents. I am hoping to make good progress on this memory book on Thursday when I am off and the kids are at daycare aka school.

On Saturday night I hosted a "scraptacular party." Thanks for coming Amanda because without you it would have been a usual Saturday night for me with Candi - which I would have been totally cool with also. Turns out, after all your friends have kids, it's really hard to get together. Kim couldn't come because her hubby was leaving to go out of town the next morning for work so he was packing, Susan couldn't come cause Cameron was clingy and Hether didn't show up I'm assuming because of something with one of her two kids, or maybe she didn't feel well since she's also pregos.

Candi's little boy was the life of the party.

Sunday we went out to my grandparents with the plans of collecting stories and possibly more pictures. But turned out lots of relatives planned to swing by so it was busy and I didn't make much progress on that front. I think I pretty much have everything I'm going to get. Enough with the organizing and planning, let's start scrapping!

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