02 January 2011

Happy New Year

Every year I make a "to do this year" list and post it in the right column of the blog.

Here was 2010's list

- Paint the kids bathroom - DONE!
- Journey on a family vacation to Disney World - DONE!
- Frame and hang pictures of the kids and family
- Organize the master closet - DONE!
- Have a huge garage sale - DONE!
- Clean up the guest bedroom (which translates to get rid of the old unnecessary furniture and organize my extraneous scrapbook stuff) - DONE!
- Have more date nights with my hubby - Definitely did better this year! Even ended the year on a date night!
- Get Anna to where she can ride her bike on her own (for more than 1 block) while I walk and push Carter in the stroller
- Be financially responsible, meaning pay off my credit cards, make a budget, stick to it, save for vacation and christmas presents, the kids' college, be more "we" oriented with our finances
- Open and use the laminator my in-laws gave me two Christmas' ago
- Wash and put away the foam letters that have been in the laundry room for cleaning for forever - DONE! Sold in garage sale

A few were leftover and will carry into 2011.

So here is the new To Do in 2011 List:
- Scrap December Daily
- Visit my brother in San Antonio and go to Sea World
- Celebrate being married 10 years with a trip to Hawaii
- Paint the guest bedroom
- Finish unfinished home projects including
  - Hang the double curtain rod and valance in Anna's room
  - Touch up paint in the kids bathroom
  - Install the missing glides for one of the baskets in the new closet
  - Hang shelves and framed pictures in Carter's room
- Run three half marathons
- Run 1,000 miles this year

Still thinking if there is anything else I should plan to tackle. May add a few things.

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