23 January 2011

Hello from Virginia

My view from Chicago to Norfolk.

I'm here for some meetings for work tomorrow. Preparing to travel is always a little hectic. Lots of errands yesterday (Christmas exchanges, groceries, new shoes for the kids) and then this morning I was a laundry machine. I am thankful for good flying weather today. I was even brave and ate lunch before I flew. Ever since I got sick on an airplane 5 years ago I've been cautious to eat anything before flying. That lesson was well learned. twice.

Ate at a delicous seafood restaurant tonight at the tip of a co-worker who used to live here - Catch 31. Yum.

Got to watch Eat, Pray, Love on my iphone during all the wait time that happens during traveling. When you don't have kids it's a lot of time to just sit, think, do nothing, watch a movie. It's kind of weird to not have someone nagging you constantly and only letting you sit for 2 minute increments.

Ran on the treadmill last Thursday for my first run in over a week. I made it about 3.3 miles. Ran Saturday with the group on snow-packed roads. Made it 6 miles. Yesterday I bought some brand new running shoes to begin training in and break in before my upcoming races. I brought the new shoes with me and it just might be what I need right now to spark a slight motivation in getting on a treadmill.

Looking at a very busy week that began with traveling today. Working a full week and then some. Plus our annual work holiday party (that we have in January) this week too. I will definitely need a drink on Friday.

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