17 January 2011


These were making me really happy last week.

The snow outside - not so much. Anna had three snow days last week and it is all still on the ground because it is so cold. This has had an impact on my running schedule. I hit the treadmill for 45 minutes last Sunday and 30 minutes last Monday. I haven't run since. It's been a week.

My eating went really well the first week and then just pretty good last week. There were several lunch meetings where I was forced to eat out and not be able to bring food from home. I had a salad each time, which I think is about as good as you can do when eating out.

Then this weekend I really fell off the wagon. I had mexican on Friday night and a philly cheesesteak sandwich on Saturday night. So I HAVE to run. Soon.

Downloading some new iTunes music. Making a new playlist for running. Maybe that will help?

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