28 July 2008

Baseball PM

We went to the Royals game on Saturday night. I'm not sure exactly what inning it was when it started raining. Then it poured. By the time we got to the car we were completely drenched.

After we got into the car (we had parked at the very back so it was a long walk and almost started hailing)...

Carter: Wet

Anna: I'm soaked!

It was like we had taken our clothes out of the washing machine and put them on.

Anna: My pigtails are like Wendy from Peter Pan (as she is turning her head from side to side).

So we headed to our house and played Settlers and Spades. Somehow Candi and I were up in Spades 300 to 10 and managed to lose something like 500 to -300. It went downhill fast.

Then we got up the next morning and went out to breakfast for Sausage Biscuits and Gravy at a local cafe. Yum.

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