30 July 2008

Out of Town Guests

I think the best motivation for me to complete some unfinished items around the house is out of town guests. ETA four weeks. Can't wait to see them! But it is definitely the swift kick in the ass i've been needing.

- Paint the bathroom to match our bedroom (yes the bedroom I painted last thanksgiving)
- Clean carpets upstairs
- Organize guest bedroom and put together the entertainment center in the room (moved from the main floor when kevin finished our new imitation but better pottery barn furniture)
- Hang some pictures

I also noticed there are weeds overtaking our "garden" area leading up to our front door. Luckily the hostas are getting ready to bloom on the opposite side so you can just look that way, ha.

Sounds really exciting eh?

1 comment:

Anna said...

Hopefully I'll be adding to your pictures to hang sometime soon. Photographer said it would be about 3 months... and today he said he hoped to be done by Monday!
I'm so glad our visiting is the motivation you needed!