03 August 2008

Shop It Up

It is tax-free shopping on school-related items (clothes, school supplies, computers, etc.) this weekend in Missouri. Plus I had a 25% friends and family / Give and Get coupon to the Gap stores (BR, Gap, Old Navy). So Anna and I made a quick trip to Old Navy yesterday to get the kids jeans for this fall. We also scored some deals on tank tops for Anna for next summer ($2.50) and shorts for Carter for next summer ($6), plus some tank tops for me for now ($8).

If you don't have the friends and family discount of 25% you can use your Stuff and Save bag to save 20%. Stuff and Save is good throughout August. Don't have a stuff and save bag? Just ask them, they were handing them out in the store yesterday. If you have a Gap or BR or Old Navy card then you got one in the mail.

I also got a pair of shorts. Now, this is a milestone because I haven't worn shorts in years. But yesterday the heat index was over 110 and we were headed to the Royals game.

We lasted about an hour before we decided it would be better to watch the game in air conditioning. Plus we have tickets to two more games this week so it's not like we won't be there again soon.

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