07 August 2008

First Trip to the Dentist

I had a dentist appointment yesterday and I had arranged for Anna to have her first appointment too. I wasn't sure how it would go. I think she probably should have started going a year ago. They looked in her mouth and counted all her teeth (20) and saw a cavity right away. They did not clean her teeth because she didn't want to and they didn't want to push it.

So now she gets to go back in a few weeks and get a filling. Right, that should be a great next experience. I'm very apprehensive about it. She isn't obviously because she has no idea. They are going to use "happy gas" but I have visions of her screaming and crying - like when she got her stitches.

First dentist appointment, first cavity. And I don't have dental insurance for her so it will be $250. Not that having dental insurance seems to be saving me ANY money. I pay $80 a month, or $960 a year, and a cleaning is only about $120 twice a year. AND I still have to pay a 20% copay, so that's another $50 or so a year for cleanings.

So if I paid $240 for two cleanings for me and $240 for two cleanings for Anna I would still have $480 left for fillings, x-rays, etc.

Totally cancelling my dental insurance. What a waste.

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Kim said...

Poor Anna! I can't imagine J sitting still for a filling. NO WAY!!!!!