26 August 2008

Ducks In A Row

Hello. Sorry for no posting lately. We are expecting company tomorrow night and I have been getting my ducks in a row.

Plus I'm going to Omaha and back for work tomorrow. That means I have to leave my house at 7am and hope to be back around 6pm. Brian and Anna arrive at the airport around 10:30pm. Not sure I will be able to stay awake until they get to our place, but I'll try!

So all of this also means I am not in the office this week after today. And work is crazy.

This all adds up to a somewhat stressed out Cara. Deep breaths. And Starbucks mornings. It will all be fun once I can stop thinking about work.

I have some contest entries due for our email marketing programs by the end of the week but I really don't want to be working while we have out of town visitors so I'm hoping to get these typed in the car up to Omaha and back tomorrow (I'm obviously not driving).

Wonder what kind of lunch they will take US to?!

Oh - and did I mention that Anna is suddenly 4 going on 14 with full-on attitude. Apparently I need to be meaner in my parenting. Or maybe more firm/direct is the correct phrase.

She's full of "You can't tell me what to do!" and "I don't have to answer you." and "I don't want to." She wants to be in control. By picking my big battles I have let her win too many little battles. Lesson learned.


Anna said...

If it makes you feel any better- I just got off from work, I have PT at 130pm and I haven't packed yet. neither has Brian. Don't feel bad if you crash tonight because there's a good chance I'll fall asleep in the car on the way from the airport.

Kim said...

I can totally relate to the attitude, what is it about being 4?