04 August 2008

The Red Room - Kind of a Big Deal

Today was a very big day for Anna. It is the first full day in the red room at day care and she is officially moved to the red room for this school year.

The red room is the 4 year old room. This is kind of a big deal.

She was so excited to show me around her new room when I picked her up. She showed me the loft and the puppet stand underneath the loft. She showed me the globe and where she is going to live when she grows up (Africa). And she showed me her new cubby.

Then, in the bathtub tonight she told me that she isn't going to live in Africa because it would be too far to drive to go to a restaurant. When she gets married she is going to live in South Dakota because he (her husband) would want to shoot eagles.

Kevin hunts in South Dakota, that's where this comes from.

Too funny! She was in rare form tonight.


The first thing the daycare workers said when I picked up Carter was that they LOVE his hair cut. Which is funny because my dad brought the clippers over on Saturday and we just trimmed around his ears and the back. I didn't think it was that noticeable but apparently I'm the only one who thought it was subtle.

He is 20 months old and this is his first haircut.

They all think "he looks like a little boy now." To which Kevin said "because he is."

Carter is talking a lot more this week, at least a lot more that I can understand. He got to bring a bouncy ball home from daycare and he kept walking around the house saying "Mine ball. Mine ball." because Tassie was following him around everywhere waiting for him to either drop or throw it.


Kim said...

They are growing up too quickly!!!

Stephanie said...

Hello a picture of the haircut please!!!!!!