05 July 2008

Outlet Mall Shopping

We saw Wall-E with my friend Kim and her boy Julian who is just six weeks younger than Anna (and about 10 pounds bigger). Then we ate lunch and poor Kim had to go because her youngest has been sick all week and her mom needed to be relieved.

We met up with Candi and her little boy Alex

at the Legends Outlet Mall because Anna and Carter needed new shoes. We found two pair at just $15 each for Anna at the Stride Rite Outlet but they were all out of sandals for Carter in his size. We picked up a pair for this winter but I still need to find a pair of sandals in the next half size up to get us through the rest of the summer.

We also hit the sidewalk sale at the Carters outlet. Every store should have a hopscotch game on the floor in front and a lego table in the back.

Then Anna had her first sleepover for a birthday party for one of her friends from daycare. They said she did great!

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