13 July 2008

It's a Beautiful Day

After I drug myself out of bed this morning after the kids had already been up for almost two hours and Kevin left for work, I let the dog out and realized what a gorgeous day it is. 65 and not a cloud in the sky.

I called Candi to see if we could come over and she would join us for a walk around the lake where she lives. She said that sounded delightful.

We loaded up the crew and headed down the path. About five minutes into our walk and after I had said I spy something brown and fuzzy the woman with the two dogs asked us if we had a cell phone she could use. A man in a minivan was following her and we could see him parked up the street. Apparently her dog had pooped near his yard and even though she promised to come back and clean it up because she didn't have a bag, he felt the need to follow her to her house to make sure she did it.


So we called 911 and she was connected to the local Police Dept. He pulled up next to us and it was this old man who clearly had too much time on his hands. He thought we were calling someone to come get the poop. Crazy old man. We're calling the cops on you, freak. You can't follow a woman who is alone to her house. At what point in your mind does this seem like a logical idea? Why didn't you just offer her a grocery bag?

Anyway, she got off the phone and we were on our way and assumed the cops would find her. She had given them his license plate number so either way it would work out.

We had the best walk. We got to see a few boats but overall the lake was really calm and peaceful and we even got to see a mommy duck and her 9 new baby ducklings. So cute.

We're planning an afternoon of scrap-happiness.

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