21 July 2008


Feeling disorganized and behind in my home life. Laundry everywhere. Toys everywhere. Dishes everywhere (well everywhere in the kitchen). Just stuff. stuff and stuff.

The result of working too much. I am only required to work 32 hours a week. 38 last week and 41 the week before. Plus the all day wedding this past Saturday didn't help.

Now. I could work on some of these chores. But I'm headed to bed. I'm tired.

Carter had a terrible two day. It started the minute I got him out of bed. Fussy. I think those four eye teeth were bothering him. And Anna threw a fit at dinner because she didn't want to drink milk but I wouldn't get her anything else because I was eating.

My day off this week is planned for a car inspection and then the DMV to register my car again for the next two years. Hopefully this won't take all day.

Overall, I'm rather bleh today.

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