09 December 2010

December Daily - Day Nine

Thursday. My day off!

Dentist day for the kids. Dreadful. Anna was great. She is about to lose her second tooth and I was surprised it didn't fall out during the cleaning. Carter on the other hand still refused to sit in the chair and screamed at the top of his lungs while I held him down and they cleaned his teeth. Then he snotted and spit all over himself and threw himself on the floor. I was embarrassed but not surprised. They kept saying, wow last time we got xrays! and I kept correcting them, no that was when he was sedated. Ohhhhhh. I have hope that someday he will willingly  sit in the chair and quietly have his teeth cleaned. Some day.

After the dentist we ate at Subway. The kids took turns taking pictures with my iPhone.


I like this silly one. 

We took Anna back to school and went to pick up pictures for December Daily from CVS. It was here that Carter attempted his first shoplifting. I was paying and didn't see him put a pack of gum in his pocket. We were walking out and some guy in line said, "gentleman" or something. I turned around becuase he said it in our direction but I was sure he wasn't referring to a 4 year old as a gentleman so I started on. Then he said something about not paying for what he put in his pocket. Needless to say we had a little talk. It reminded me of me. I tried to steal a pack of gum one time, but I think I was probably 5.

After we got home I hung the lights and garland around the door since it was in the upper 40's and not absolutely freezing.

Later Carter threw a huge fit as I made him put his dress clothes on to go to his Christmas program. He's been singing his songs all week and his teacher says he is one of their best singers and leaders.

But not tonight. As soon as they started singing the first song he threw himself on his knees behind everyone else. And sat their through the entire program. See him between those kids' legs? 
 I had promised ice cream if he sang, but he didn't, so no ice cream.

Tonight I finished my decal project in the bathroom upstairs. 78 pieces. Done.

Maybe I should have painted the walls a slightly darker grey so it's easier to see the "Quack" but it's done now :)

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