06 December 2010

December Daily - Day Five (Sunday)

Sunday morning. Carter wants to know where the big box of oatmeal is (for home-made oatmeal, not microwave oatmeal - that's for weekdays!) We are out.

Anna is waking up with Baxter.

I make pancakes (not those frozen pancakes - those are for weekdays!) and bacon.

Anna likes her bacon squishy, Carter likes his crispy, I like mine extra crispy - practically burnt. I make all three. Best quote of the day "This is a nice, quiet morning breakfast time." - Carter. Yes, yes it is. Good morning, loves.

The kids don't leave Baxter alone for 5 minutes. They even played some security guard game that involved him. 

I found a new home for that "shoe organizer" in a different closet. 

I sort the tissue paper by color and pattern. Yes, I'm type A. Most of the time. 

We go to the grocery store because we're out of milk and bread. We pick up fresh flowers for the kitchen and I find some fresh greenery I pick up to put in a vase on the mantel.

I also changed out my colored balls for pine cones (I saved these from previous years and just store them in a gymboree bag). I sprayed them with cinnamon clove room spray from Bath and Body works.

The kids had hung the stocking on Saturday with my mom.

And I'm up too late. I'll post today's tomorrow. Still no pictures ordered :)

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