19 December 2010

December Daily - Day Nineteen

Sunday. Sleep in day! Anna was up first at 8. Carter didn't get up until 9. I used that opportunity to have Anna wrap the presents for Carter and then after Carter woke up we wrapped his presents for Anna. He even practiced writing Anna's name on the gift tags. It was really sweet. We took advantage of the new closet - it turned out to be the perfect "secret hide out" for wrapping gifts.

We went to my grandma's or "granny's" for her birthday/anniversary/Christmas lunch.

It was good to see my cousins Megan and Jennifer that I really only see about twice a year. They are both married now and Jennifer has a little boy named Owen. Here he is with his auntie Meg.

I overate. And after that I was completely exhausted. I definitely could have used a nap. I got a small cat nap after we got home around 5. I realized I left the milk out all day so headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things and milk, for the week.

This week's meal plan
Sunday: frozen pizza
Monday: Spaghetti w/sausage meat sauce + Salad
Tuesday: Fajitas + Guac
Wednesday: BLTs + Side
Thursday: Corn Chowder + Garlic bread

I also got stamps to mail those Christmas cards.

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