27 December 2010

December Daily - Day Twenty-five (Christmas!)

I thought for sure Carter would wake up when we got home, or at midnight, or 5 am. But he slept 13 hours until 7 am when Baxter decided he couldn't wait to pee any longer and did his noisy I-have-to-go-potty dance across the wood floors.

I got gorgeous Michael Kors shoes and a new, smaller camera.

I got Kevin an iPad so he can stop borrowing my phone to play Words with Friends and Chess.

Anna got an American Girl doll, Littlest Pet Shop toys and a robe.

Carter got a DS, Toy Story characters and a remote control lightening McQueen car.

And they both got lots of other gifts from each other and us, like Squinkies, My Little Pony Ferris Wheel, talking Woody and more.

The aftermath.

Christmas Day video to come later this week. Carter was hysterical and hopefully I captured some of the funny things he was saying. I haven't watched it back yet.

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