13 December 2010

December Daily - Day Thirteen

Well, it's almost half way through December and I haven't scrapped a page. But at least I'll have all my journaling done when I'm ready!

As I suspected Anna woke up sick. 102 fever and a horrible cough. Croup was going around the daycare and I think she might have caught it. Or if not, some other virus. I worked from home. She wrote her Christmas list

1. American Girl doll
2. Littlest Pet Shop
3. Robe

We put it in an envelope and then I had to explain stamps and why they cost money. It takes a lot of work to get that letter to the north pole I explained, gas, people, airplanes, cars. "Ah, I get it now."

Our kitchen pipes have been frozen for a few days. As you can see I really needed to do the dishes. So Kevin found a new use for my hair dryer and thawed the pipes. Yay. Then I got to do the dishes. Boo.

Anna spent most of the day in my bed watching cartoons. I started out in here, but was quickly annoyed with the Dora song and Wonder Pets song and so on and so on. So I switched it to a marathon of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Very early episodes. She thought that was hilarious. That evening she watched The Princess Bride. She didn't eat dinner. In fact she only ate toast, chicken noodle soup and cheese crackers. And motrin. My kids are so picky about the flavors. We have two chewable flavors and three liquid flavors of motrin. She only likes the Original Berry Motrin (that's the one with strawberry and raspberry, not to be confused with Fruit Flavored Motrin which is strawberry and cherry). And she likes the orange Delsym but not the orange chewable motrin - "those are spicy." I can't remember what Carter likes but it's the opposite. My medicine cabinet is full of every flavor they make.

While Kevin was using my hair dryer I tried to change the channel on the TV. It was that crazy show with the obstacle course that's impossible to complete and they fall in the water and everyone laughs and laughs. Carter about flipped out and claimed "Daddy is watching that" when really it was him. Boys. Then Kevin was watching that logging show and Carter had his feet propped up on the coffee table. Boys.

Tassie finally got some love. Kevin has been joking I should call it the 25 days of Baxter because I keep taking so many pictures of him. He's so dang cute! Except for when he pooped on the floor.

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