12 December 2010

December Daily - Day Eleven

I met my mom at an outdoor mall for the kids to see Santa. Honestly, it's a wonder I ended up with any fashion sense at all. You can always tell when my kids come from grandma's. They never match and frequently have the wrong size (too big or too small) or the wrong season (I've seen sweats in the summer) as is this case of a tank top over a brown shirt when it's 20 degrees outside, to go with a denim skirt and black tights. Anna's hair hadn't been brushed and they looked like homeless kids next to all of the Leawood crazies with their kids dressed to the nine's. I was slightly embarrased but really just there for them to see Santa. I felt compelled to buy a photo. I was impressed that Carter stood that close and let Santa touch him.

Then we went to Macy's and picked up another gift for Kevin. As we were leaving Carter stuck his tongue out at me and that was the end of that. We went home. He needed some discipline.

Kevin got busy finishing the closet installation. I'm pretty sure he wanted to kill me at one point. We stayed away from each other. It was freezing cold and windy. I did a lot of laundry and cleaned up the house.

Carter and I made train tracks around both Christmas trees.

I made Paula Dean's Chicken Boudine for dinner. Then the kids and I baked white chip chocolate cookies.

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