06 December 2010

December Daily - Day Four (Saturday)

Saturday morning. I need coffee.

Lots of coffee.

I get back to work on the final demo. I removed the left wall of the center shelving unit.

 And had my first moment of doubt when I realized it was part of the floor. I realize it shouldn't show because hampers will be here. And Sam is good with wood working, if I need to have him shim it it won't be a big deal.

I roll paint.

After two coats my parents arrive. We begin hanging the first track. We realize we have to remove the trim to get these flush with the wall. Parts will have to be cut to be reattached later so we keep them in tack (except for one that cracked).

After we get shelves in, Anna and I can hardly wait to start putting shoes back. We get the second track and shelves up.

And the third track on Kevin's side.  But on this side, my dad hung it a few inches too far to the right, forgetting that the right panel has a finished side so we can just move it over to the left because the panel isn't cut all the way through. This one really needs to be shifted to the left a few inches, because otherwise I think the hanging clothes will run into that panel. There is also a vent on the floor. We will probably need to install the toe kick board behind the vent on that section. These will eventually have shelves and drawers.
By then it was 5 pm and my parents had dinner plans. Ok, no problem. We still have the largest part to go in on the back wall. I'll text Sam and he can come help.

Uh oh. Sam had surgery on Thursday on his knee and is on crutches. Scratch that idea. Ok well, I'll just do as much as I can on Sunday. Reality sets in that Kevin is going to have to finish this. It won't have the impression I had hoped for. Oh well. There's no turning back now.

The kids had been so good that I took them to Christmas in the Park at Longview Lake. Carter liked it but Anna thought it was for little kids.

Best quote of the day "Mommy, you have too many projects. You don't need to start any more projects." - Anna

Yes, Anna. Lesson learned. Lesson learned.

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