09 December 2010

December Daily - Day Eight

I just couldn't be happier with the addition of Baxter to our family. He is so sweet. With his very sad puppy dog eyes. His fluffy, fuzzy ears. His gi-hugeous paws. The way he puts his booty in the air and nose on the floor to try to get Tassie to play. His pouncing as if he thinks he's a cat. His tolerance of the kids dragging him around everywhere. His squeaky yawns. His love of bones, and collection from finding them all over the house. That he sleeps under the bed already. That he thinks he's a lap dog even though he'll easily be 90 pounds. That he learned the trick to shake in two days. That he follows me everywhere anytime I move in the house. Love you love you, Baxter. Welcome to the family.

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