06 December 2010

December Daily - Day Three (Friday)

Kevin and Tassie left for a hunting trip in the morning and we saw them off.

Tassie was shaking because she was so excited.

I went to work. At the end of the day my mom picked up the kids and we went to Anna's bookfair at school. We came home and I made spaghetti. Then my mom left to pick my dad up at the airport.

Then. I got down to bizness. My project while he was gone was to redo the master closet. Here are the before pictures.

Kevin's side. Yes, there's a nerf gun at the top back.

Looking straight in (I had already starting clearing the floor and shoes before I remembered to take pictures)

My side, not any better 

There's a hamper buried in there somewhere (you can see the shoe storage moved into the bathroom) 

I use the phrase "shoe organizer" loosely here 

So I cleared it out.

And started demo.

And spackling.

Where did I put everything? Shoes and bags into the bathtub - where Baxter couldn't eat them.

Everything else I piled into our bedroom. I thought I would sort through it on Sunday when I put it back into the closet (keyword here is thought - more to come later) 

 It left me with a mess of clothes and a mess of boards with nails (I then moved these to the basement to be out of children's way)

I had to make room for 

all of these boxes. 

36 of them to be exact. Luckily they arrived the day Kevin left and my brother Zach came over with a friend to move them into the house while I was at work.

It was then about midnight and I started edging with the paint to match the master bedroom and bath. Nothing like waiting for spackle to dry.

At 1:30 am I decided to go to bed and start in the morning.

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