04 June 2008

Brake Failure

This is the message my car alerted me to as I pulled into the parking lot at work this morning. Followed by Reduced System Performance. System Requires Engine. I have seen these message before, twice. But it is currently not under warranty so 60 bucks for them to even tell me what's wrong with it. A google search tells me I'm not the only one with this problem but there doesn't seem to be a consistent resolution.

Plus they have overbooked tomorrow so I'm going to attempt to drive it on my day off (I made it home from work today) and will take it in on Friday morning. Sure hope they fix it Friday. I'm driving to Oklahoma for Molly's baby shower on Saturday morning. And I definitely don't want to miss that!

Tomorrow the Dickinson summer movies start. These are $1 a piece and show at 10 and 12 M-TH. Since I'm off on Thursdays this works out great. So it's a Mommy-Anna day tomorrow. Shrek 3 is playing which she has been dying to see. If the car is working we'll run errands after that.

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