23 June 2008

Entertaining the Kids

On Saturday morning Kevin had to work so one of the girls across the street came over to watch Carter while I took Anna to baseball. She did much better this week than last as far as enjoying it and participating.

We headed over to S&C's on Saturday evening to hit their subdivision's pool. Carter was under water for a full two seconds before I realized it and pulled him up. S&C got a new couch from Restoration Hardware delivered that evening so Kevin helped Sam carry the other couch upstairs. Afterwards Carter said his first sentence

"Where'd it go?"

He's been putting two words together a lot but I think this was his first three word sentence. Anna's first three word sentence was "I like cheese."

On Sunday Kevin got up early and went fishing with Sam. I messed around online while the kids entertained themselves.

Then I took the kids for a one hour and fifteen minute walk. Then we ate lunch and tried to play outside but everyone kept crying so I decided they were too tired, even though Carter slept on the walk. So we headed back in and everyone slept from 1 to 3:30.

I woke up feeling like a new person. Anna and I slept together in the guest bed and wow is that cozy.

Then I let them play in the pool on the deck.


We have a few new members of our household. We finally mailed in for our caterpillars which turn into butterflies. They've been busy eating and getting ready to make their crysalids which must be the technical term for cocoons. They look really disgusting to me but Anna is pretty excited to see them hang from the top of their cups. Once they make their cocoons we move them to the butterfly netting. I think that will be a daddy job. Hopefully some of them live. I think we have one dead caterpillar so far.

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