22 June 2008


Have you ever been to Etsy.com? It is the cutest site where you can buy and sell homemade items. Adorable, cute, unique items you would find in a hole-in-the-wall-artsy-shop-downtown-that-you-could-walk-around-in-forever.

I found this cute stitched bird art ready to be framed and these adorable monkey letters and this cute doggy window decal and these clever bird vinyl decals and these summery pillow cases and more girly bird art here and here.

I seem to be drawn to bird art lately, not sure why, other than Carter love birds right now. He screeches "BIR-EEEEEEEEEEE" and points when he sees one.

You can get lost on this site, lots of unique stuff that is super affordable. And as an internet addict I have to say that this site is VERY well done.


Susan said...

I love this site! I found handmade jewelry from lake superior that I'm definitely buying. Good call.

Carolyn said...

I love this website too!! I hadn't seen the letters--so cute!