08 June 2008

Trip To OKC

Anna and I had a girls road trip to Oklahoma for Molly's baby shower. On the way there we had to go through 3 toll booths. The first two I had exact change and there were people in the booths. The last one needed exact change and I only had a $20 and no one was in the booth. There was a change machine so I stuck in the $20 and briefly noticed that it said it was going to drop change twice. I waited for it to drop the money and was trying to pull all these handfuls of coins out of the dispenser. Meanwhile a line is forming behind me. I kept dumping all the change into my lap. Finally I had it all, the toll was $1 so I pulled forward and threw in four coins.

A few minutes later I realized they were $1 coins. Oops.

The shower was fun and the cake was de-lish. We stayed with her parents who are definitely ready to be grandparents! Molly's dad really took to Anna and she enjoyed hanging out with him and yelling "GOBBLE GOBBLE" trying to get the turkeys to come out of the woods. She also LOVED the piano and Molly's mom was so sweet to play a few songs Anna could sing along to. Anna played a few originals as well. She woke up the next morning asking me why the fish wouldn't jump in the pond last night. Very cute.

I didn't realize I forgot the battery for my camera until we got there so hopefully Molly will send me our pics when she gets back!

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