29 June 2008

Baseball, A Wedding Shower and a Wedding Reception

Saturday was pretty busy. Anna had baseball in the morning. She was very shy about playing catch with the other kids.

Then she and I got manicures before we headed to pick up my mom to go to a wedding shower for my cousin Jennifer. It was north of the airport so we had to drive a ways, but it was at a cute cafe where they have tea parties. She got a lot of nice things.

Then we dropped my mom off. My parents and Ben were meeting my other brother Zach and his wife to go to dinner with her parents for her birthday. I suggested they go to Ted's in the Power and Light District since Ben hadn't been down there. They also took Carter.

Kevin, Anna and I went to a wedding reception for one of my coworkers and friend Amanda. It was a luau and turned out very nice.

Anna was the dancing queen again. I can only imagine how she will be at Jennifer's reception next month. She told me yesterday that they are expecting 23 kids between 3 and 12. He is part Italian and apparently have a very large extended family. It's going to be a huge wedding - I think they invited 250 on his side alone.

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