19 June 2008

Girls Day

Dropped Carter off at daycare and Anna and I went two our second summer movie - Madagascar. I hadn't seen this one and it's pretty cute. Anna's favorite part is the dance sequence "I like to Move it Move it"

Next we went to lunch with Candi at a local greek restaurant. I think we could have chatted for at least another hour, we hadn't seen each other in two or three weeks.

Then Anna and I headed to get our hair cut and mine highlighted. Desperately past due. We took some back roads to get there and saw a snake slithering across the road. I tried to hit him but I think I missed. Anna kept talking about this for the rest of the day.

Afterwards we swung by the office to pick up the dry cleaning. They pick up and drop off at our office on Mon and Thur and it's 10% cheaper so I do this but since I'm off tomorrow I wouldn't have been able to pick up until Monday and didn't want to wait that long. Anyway...

Then to grocery store for dinner items then pick up Carter and go home.

My brother Ben is in town from the Air Force and he came over for dinner after him and Kevin went golfing today.

Our evening ended with a beautiful rainbow after it poured down rain and then the sun came out when it was still sprinkling.

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