05 June 2008

Plan B

Plan B (instead of the movies) turned out to be a trip to Paradise Park (which I learned - from a client who is new to me - is considered a Family Education Center or FEC). We've been there several times before. Her favorite part is the cooking class where today they made "Fruit Turnovers" which consisted of a biscuit from a can, three blueberries and some cinnamon and sugar, baked for 15 minutes. She also dug in the sand for dinosaur bones - and found one! - pretended to make pizzas and grocery shopped a lot. I can only imagine how cool this place is when you're 4.

Carter's food allergy tests came back negative. Good and bad. Good that I don't have to change his diet, bad that I still don't know what is causing these horrible rashes and red areas mostly in his diaper area. It is really bothering him the last few days. Next step is to see a dermatologist. We're getting referred by our dr to someone at Childrens Mercy South I think.

Think good car karma thoughts tomorrow morning!

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