27 June 2008


Yesterday I took both of the kids to the movies. I wasn't sure how Carter would do so I had prepped Anna that we might not be there very long. But he watched the first part of the movie and ate popcorn and then fell asleep. We saw Surf's Up which I wouldn't really recommend. Then we headed over to Town Center and did a little shopping to get a wedding shower gift for my cousin. We also walked around a lot after that and had some orange sherbert.

Then we had dinner at my parents house so we could see Ben again.

Then Papa gave them chocolate ice cream not knowing they had already had orange sherbert. Plus skittles at the movies.

Today we were going to go to Oceans of Fun but it was only 73 this morning so we changed plans and went to see the fountains "dance" across from Crown Center.

Then we headed over to Union Station to see the trains. We saw several Amtrak trains where all the Cardinals fans were getting off in time to see the series this weekend. I joked with a few of them in the elevator that they were here to see the Royals sweep them again.

We also saw a very very long coal train. Carter and Anna both loved it. You can stand right over the train tracks on an outside bridge and watch them go under. For some reason I didn't take any pictures of that.

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