17 June 2008

Dunder Mifflin

So every Friday we have regularly scheduled meetings in the morning.

Last Friday it went something like this...

First, our CEO said something like "hitting the shitter" ... repeatedly.

Finally he paused - "I don't think that is exactly what I mean. I mean, it's going to shit. I mean, the shit is hitting the fan."


Another 10 minutes of meeting elapses. Suddenly he says

"BEN! Are you bored?"

Uh... "I was just moving in my seat."

It was like he had passed a note in class and the teacher asked him to read it to everyone.

Finally that meeting was over. It was the last day for one of our co-workers who is going into the Air Force.

Lisa had baked a cake and organized the send off in the conference room.

Our CEO felt like we should sing. I guess because there was a cake. "Well we can't sing happy birthday... Let's sing the Star Spangled Banner, that seems appropriate."

Really? Really? Ok?


Amanda said...

Today he said, "don't worry it's not brain cancer like I thought. I just have a cold."

Heidi said...

I laughed hard when he told me the story, but the pictures made me laugh REALLY hard. You guys are hilarious!